JFJ Hope Centre has been involved in adoption since 1958, and became licensed as a private adoption agency by the Ontario Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS) in 1986.

JFJ Hope Centre is a non-profit, Christian, charitable organization providing services to clients regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or walk of life. We are committed to building and strengthening families and caring for all clients – birth parents and their families, adoptive families and adoptees. Our services are child-centred and we are committed to a model of open adoption.

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What is Open Adoption?

Open Adoption is child-centred adoption. In an open adoption, the adopting family and birth family make a commitment to stay in contact realizing the birth family is an important part of their child’s world. It recognizes and builds on the kinship network that links the two families through the child.

The type of contact or communication in an open adoption can vary greatly but typically includes the exchange of letters and pictures, phone calls and visiting on an agreed upon regular basis. The amount of contact varies between adoptions as the birth and adopting families develop their own unique relationship. Open Adoption benefits the child as it allows the child to grow up knowing the pieces of their history and maintain connections to important people in their lives.

JFJ Hope Centre is committed to open adoption, whenever possible. Education is a critical part of the work we do with both birth and adopting parents.