JFJ Hope Centre (JFJ), founded in 1948, is a thriving organization with a passion for children and families.

Our Mission

Inspired by faith, we journey with individuals and families to create a community where everyone feels equipped and supported to lead and love their family. We are privileged to partner with birth parents, adoptive families, and those waiting to adopt.

Inspired by faith – JFJ Hope Centre cares for individuals and families as an expression of Christian love in action.

We journey with individuals and families – JFJ Hope Centre comes alongside our clients with love and compassion. Regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or gender, we believe every individual is deserving of dignity, respect and support.

Everyone feels equipped and supported – JFJ Hope Centre offers pregnancy counselling, parenting programs, relationship education, and meets practical, emotional and spiritual needs.

We partner with birth parents, adoptive families, and those waiting to adopt – As a licensed adoption Agency, JFJ Hope Centre works with birth parents, adoptive and waiting families, offering professional services, compassionate support and counselling, and providing formal guidance for the adoption journey anywhere in Ontario.

Our Vision

We believe that strong families build a strong world, and that faithfully extending God’s love will enrich our community now and for future generations.

In 2016 we formally merged with My Life Centre (MLC), founded in 1994 as Mississauga Life Centre. MLC has been a longstanding refuge and resource for young women and parents in our community, encouraging and empowering young women and young parents to make positive life changes through options counselling, mentoring, post-abortion support, and young parents’ development workshops. My Life Centre has a history of making a difference in our community by being a caring and nurturing haven of support where young parents can thrive, grow and improve their circumstances.

As we approach our 75th Anniversary, we are excited and encouraged by the growth in programs and client work, by the incredible support of donors and volunteers, and by the good plans we know God has for JFJ Hope Centre!