About Us

JFJ Hope Centre (JFJ), founded in 1948, is a thriving organization with a passion for children and families in our community. Believing every life is precious and deserving of fulfillment, JFJ thrives to save, protect, and enhance life at its most vulnerable and to ensure each child has parents to provide nurture, protection and growth. With an emphasis on compassion and hope, JFJ offers parenting supports, crisis pregnancy counsel, adoption services and educational programs to encourage youth toward a higher moral standard and self-image.

My Life Centre (MLC), founded in 1994 as Mississauga Life Centre, has been a longstanding refuge and resource for young women and parents in our community. Twenty years later the Board and Staff continued to encourage and empower young women and young parents to make positive life changes through options counseling, mentoring, post-abortion support, and young parents’ development workshops. My Life Centre has a history of making a difference in your community by being a caring and nurturing haven of support where young parents can thrive, grow and improve their circumstances.

Our shared vision – That healthy parents build healthy families, that God’s principles are the ultimate foundation for healthy relationships and healthy families, and that our faithfulness in extending God’s love and teaching God’s principals will enrich our community.

To advance our shared vision, My Life Centre has formally joined hands with JFJ Hope Centre moving all programs under the JFJ umbrella in 2016.

This exciting change is all about expansion and increasing our ability to be a relevant force for hope and change in our community. As the Staff and Board of My Life Centre joins the Staff and Board of JFJ Hope Centre, the MLC name and MLC programs continue to be a strategic part of our newly enlarged centre. These valued programs will continue to be a haven and a catalyst for growth to young parents in our community. In fact this union will allow us to expand our programs and hours of operation to meet the growing need in our community!

JFJ Hope Centre is a registered member of the Canadian Council of Christian Charities.
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